Horses: A Thesis

by Lamuya


• Horses


Hi! How are you? I wrote this thesis, it is about horses. Horses are animals that sometimes go pfffrrrrrt, sometimes go NEEEIIEIEIGH and sometimes go clippity-clop clippity-clop clippity-clop clippity-clop. They can also make that last sound faster when they go fast! Keep reading if you want to learn more about horses.


↑ 1. This is a normal horse. It is the most horsey horse.

↑ 2. This is a short horse, which is exactly like a normal horse but shorter.

↑ 3. This is a competition half-pipe horse. You can pull totally sick tricks on it if you are skilled enough and then you can impress babes with your horse tricks but if the horse doesn't like the babe it will snort in disapproval, which a skateboard doesn't do. This is why there are more half-pipe skateboarders than half-pipe horse riders.

↑ 4. The invisible horse, which you can only see here because there is a man on it. Wait actually you can't see it. You can only see the man on it. What is the difference between a horse you cannot discern with your senses and no horse at all? You may well ask. Well if an invisible horse is the same thing as no horse, then what is this man doing?

↑ 5. A close examination of this picture reveals that this horse's name is Michael Searlet.

↑ 6. This is Magic Horse. He is magically able to appear twice on this list!

↑ 7. Sparkle Horse. This breed has received good ratings. 8.2/10 Best New Horse.

↑ 8. This is a zebra, which is like a horse except for one subtle difference. More research is needed to find out what that difference is.

↑ 9. The Trojan horse was used by the Greeks in the Trojan War in order to hack all the computers in the city of Troy. Also it turned out not to be a real horse.

↑ 10. Kevin drew this horse and he would be sad if I didn't use it so here it is. Thank you Kevin!

↑ 11. The rabbit horse is a horse shaped like a rabbit. It should not be confused with the horse rabbit, which is a rabbit as big as a horse.

↑ 12. This is Magic Horse. He is magically able to appear twice on this list!


a. What do horses eat?
Horses eat food.

b. Horses in popular culture
Horses are popular in culture.


Thank you for reading!


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